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We stock a wide variety of lamp shades in store ranging in size, shape and colour.

We will happily order specific lamp shades in for you to suit your needs.

Please feel free to follow the link below to see what lamp shades are available to order. Let us know which ones you like and we can order them in for you.

lampshades 17.jpg
lampshades 15.jpg
lampshades 8.jpg
lampshades 6.jpg
lampshades 7.jpg
lampshades 9.jpg
lampshades 19.jpg
lampshades 10.jpg
lampshades 18.jpg
lampshades 23.jpg
lampshades 22.jpg
lampshades 21.jpg
lampshades 11.jpg
lampshades 20.jpg
lampshades 12.jpg
lampshades 14.jpg
lampshades 13.jpg
lampshades 16.jpg
lampshades 24.jpg
lampshades 3.jpg
lampshades 4.jpg
lampshades 1.jpg
lampshades 5.jpg
lampshades 2.jpg
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