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What Size Ceiling Fan To Use In A Room

When selecting a fan for your room we find that it's good to choose a slightly larger fan that will achieve the same airflow on a low speed as a smaller fan on a high speed.

This will allow you to get the air movement you need with a quieter and more energy efficient operation.

Keeping this in mind, here are our recommendations of fan sizes:

Small-medium sized bedroom:  40"-52" (1016mm-1321mm)

Large bedroom / medium living area:  52"-60" (1321mm-1524mm)

Large living area:  60"-80" (1524mm-2032mm)

Extra large space:  80"< (2032mm<) or 2 medium fans

Another point to consider when installing fans is what height your ceilings are.

The minimum distance required between the floor and the fan blades is 2.1m.

The diagram below shows recommended downrod lengths based on ceiling heights:

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